Saturday, June 30, 2012

Like Ghadahfi

Like Qaddafi
some words should not be spelled
they should only be said
like a toy boat that keeps asking
where has Ben’s bin been
and the rage of jealous words

as my cat knows
it is not baby talk
it is my greeting
it is how I love him
it is how true friends
breathe the free air
of not having to spell
words of deep affection
like spelling an heirloom whistle

wudsy woo I love you
whoozy woo I love you
whuzey woo I love you


  1. ben's bin been is fun to say...not baby talk, just how i love him....true friends...i like that...and we do develop a bit of our own language between close friends...

  2. and affection surely has their own vocabulary..

  3. dog is called Timmy but he gets called Tim bot, Tim bone, Timmy Tim, Timmy boy. All affectionately. I bet your cat understand every word too :)

  4. of note for my dversepoet cat was named Button by the breeder...I changed to the name to something a tad more masculine.

  5. Absolutely love this. Having a cat (or two), I understand this. Mammals have so much in common.

  6. Used to call my dog, Baby Dog, then Bubba dog, then Bubba, now it's just Bub. She can't hear anymore, so I could call her just about anything.

  7. that picture makes him look like such a girlee man.

    3 radio button senryu

  8. Love this! Fun, yet serious...we would not want a girlie cat! ;)

    1. my other cat, named by the pound, is Xena, Warrior Princess...a fat bottomed girl that makes the world go round...she looks like a long haired calico beagle..and moves like a sashaying Clydesdale...except when she topples over just to trip me up....she likes to do that a lot....not a woodsy woo type.

  9. Suddenly, I want to be your cat. What a wonderful greeting and a true pleasure of a poem to experience.

    1. I wish you could be my cat too...then I would be reading great poetry every day in exchange for my greetings. Still striving to find the Rosetta Stone series for Meow language.

  10. wonderful sentiment!
    "some words should not be spelled
    they should only be said"
    and isn't that the truth about our hearts?

  11. This reminds me a lot of how I used to talk to my kids as babies. Those terms of endearment that just don't "look" right in black and white. Lovely words x

  12. such a beautiful write, heartfelt - & i agree, some words should not be spelled