Saturday, December 7, 2013

Superman, Where Are You?

It might have been a gray storage room
in a black and white warehouse or an elevator or closet in
an unknown location where Jimmy Olsen or Jonny Quest or some
unlikely hero found themselves unsuspectingly sprawled out on the floor,
woke up, stood up, pulled on the locked door handle, pushed the buttons,
yelled for someone to let them out, then felt the walls closing in,
the ceiling lowering, the floor escaping below their feet,
the thickening of air, the tightening and urgency
of the moment as the certainty of their
demise squeezed them, despite
pushing back, arms and legs
 taut to stop their flesh
from feeling the
reality of being
 the olive in
 the press,
 turn by

But he was no superhero,
with the line quickly forming behind him,
after the cashier bellows, “Price Check, Aisle Seven,” and the
serpentine column of glares mordaciously piercing right through him.
So he begged the clerk, “Could you open another line?” Confessing, “I have
this social anxiety thing and need to check out now, please.”
Scarlet drips dark down his face to legs screaming inside
to exit the walls of a retail coffin,
reverse the press’s turn,
let the bounty rot,
one step right,
to shop


  1. Clever write Orange and I think it describes social anxiety very well.
    Anna :o]

  2. oh heck... esp. during the pre-christmas season this can be really heavy... better shop at times when it's rather quiet..

  3. Oh this is an entrapment in shopping I would prefer not to have.. fun play with the superman logo.

  4. Ha..nicely done...I prefer to shop in local small shops nowadays..the mall drive's me crazy!

  5. Really can empathize with your character. So well created your
    pattern and superman one of my favs. Clark Kent types Ha Ha.
    Rarely shop Christmas unless it becomes some sort of crisis.
    Like a new addition to the family that I have not been privy.

  6. I felt that anxiety sooooo bad Black Friday, till I just stayed home . You'd need the man of steel to get me out that door that day.

  7. Sometimes it helps to focus on colours, on shoes, on something specific that you can handle as safe incoming data. Something easy and comfortable. I have noticed that very few people wear green shoes =). sometimes there are shops with bounty and no queue, hardware is a good shop and you can make things or grow plants. =) super poem =)